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Serpentine Technologies Limited (ACN 158 307 549) (Company) has lodged a Replacement Prospectus dated 15 August 2019 (Replacement Prospectus) with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) in relation to (inter alia) the offer of up to 35,000,000 fully paid ordinary shares (Shares) at an issue price of A$0.20 per share to raise up to A$7,000,000 (before costs) (Offer).

The electronic copy of the Replacement Prospectus available on this website does not constitute an offer of, or an invitation to subscribe for, Securities. You may print out a hard copy of the Replacement Prospectus from this website or copy the electronic Replacement Prospectus on this website into an electronic file for your personal use only. You must not alter the contents of this electronic file in any way.

The Replacement Prospectus is an important document that should be read by prospective investors in its entirety before deciding whether to participate.

If after reading the Replacement Prospectus you have questions, you should contact your stockbroker, accountant, financial, legal or other professional advisers.

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Neither ASIC nor ASX Limited, nor any of their officers, take any responsibility for the contents of the Replacement Prospectus.

Anyone who wants to acquire Securities in the Company will need to carefully consider the Replacement Prospectus and complete an application form that will be in, or will accompany, the Replacement Prospectus. If you request a Replacement Prospectus you are not obliged to apply for Securities. Paper copies of the Replacement Prospectus are available free of charge during the period of the Offer by contacting the Company.

The Company is not liable for any loss incurred from relying on this site, including from data corruption on download.

The information on this page is not part of the Replacement Prospectus.


Applicants for securities will be required to complete an Application Form that accompanies the Replacement Prospectus. The Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) prohibits any person from passing on to another person an application form unless it is attached to or accompanied by a complete and unaltered version of the Replacement Prospectus.

The Company will not accept a completed Application Form if it has reason to believe that the Applicant has not received a complete and unaltered copy of the Replacement Prospectus.

Applications must be made using the Application Form attached to or accompanying the Replacement Prospectus. If the Application Form is not completed correctly it may still be treated as valid. The Directors’ decision as to whether to treat the acceptance as valid and how to construe, amend or complete the Application Form, is final.

Persons to whom offer is available

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Applicants who are resident in countries other than Australia should consult their professional advisers as to whether any governmental or other consent are required or whether any other formalities need to be considered and followed.

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Nothing contained on this website or in the Replacement Prospectus constitutes financial, investment, legal, business, tax or other advice. In particular, the information on this website and in the Replacement Prospectus does not take into account your investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. In making an investment decision, you must rely on your own examination of the Replacement Prospectus, including the merits and risks involved. You should consult your professional adviser for financial, legal, business or tax advice.

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